Welcome to the STEM Magnet Program
For STEM Application information please contact Craig DeVine or Kim Runkel
If you have questions, please contact:
Craig DeVine, STEM Program Coordinator
WA State Engineering and Science Fair  
MTHS Students at the WA State Engineering & Science Fair - Spring 2016
The MTHS STEM Magnet Program is a 4-year series of courses designed to immerse students in advanced, challenging courses in math, science and engineering.  The STEM Program is designed to Prepare, Engage and Inspire our students in future STEM careers. When students complete the four year program, they have an excellent preparation for post high school STEM studies.  Students can choose from 3 different pathways:  
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Biotechnology & Engineering
  • Computer Science & Engineering
Students completing the advanced program of courses earn an Honors STEM Diploma by completing Honors and AP versions of the math and science courses. Our STEM graduates are proving to be well-prepared for high-caliber university programs in engineering, math and science. 
For additional information, please contact Craig DeVine, MTHS STEM Program Coordinator, at 425.431.5728 or
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