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Edmonds School District


Scholarship information can now be found on your Naviance Family Connection website.  You simply login to your high school account, click on the colleges tab and then select scholarship list under “scholarships & money”.   You can also do a national college scholarship search from the Family Connections website.   Below are the links for each high school, along with login help.  

Edmonds Woodway




Mountlake Terrace

Scriber Lake

Students will log in to Naviance Family Connection with their DEFAULT DISTRICT COMPUTER USERNAME AND PASSWORD.  Please note that this Naviance Family Connection Username and Password cannot be changed.

The DEFAULT student username is the DEFAULT username used to first log-in to a district computer.  The default username is the first five of your last name followed by the first 3 of your first name, followed by 000 (or another 3 digit number you have been assigned) i.e. Marco Smith would be smithmar000  and Jasmine Tran would be tranjas000

Students must ALWAYS use their default password to log-in to Naviance Family Connection, even if they have changed their password for their District Computer login.

DEFAULT passwords are always lowercase, and are determined by taking up to the first 4 letters of your last name and combining them with your birthday month+date.  For example, Jackie Smith whose birthday is August 5th would have the following password:  First 4 letters of last name (smit)+month(08)+date(05) = smit0805