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Edmonds School District

General College Information Websites— The official website of the National Association for College Admission Counseling – provides comprehensive information as well as informational links - Official website for the Pacific Northwest Association for College Admission Counseling. This site provides regional information for college fairs and events as well as informational links – find pertinent fees and deadlines, and see upcoming college presentations – a great resource for Washington four and two-year colleges - website to apply for the Washington State Need Grant for low-income, non-citizen students.—web admissions center for the Washington State Community and Technical Colleges. - a website to inspire students and encourage a search guided by personal values and goals. This website is designed by professional educators to give students the best information as they begin their college search. - A website designed to inspire students to explore and realize their college prospects.—The National Survey of Student Engagement is a wonderful resource for families to help guide the discussion of what is really happening on college campuses and the quality of the student experience. A guided college search, The College Navigator website, from the US Department of Education, provides information for college searches, career information, college planning guidelines and financial aid.—An organization dedicated to improving the college admissions process for students, parents and colleges.—The website for Colleges That Change Lives. Useful links as well as information regarding the Colleges That Change Lives tour.—A website connected to the book, College is Yours in 600 Words or Less, which has helpful and informative blogs and links.—The University and College Accountability Network provides profile information for independent colleges and universities throughout the country. Find information about admissions, diversity, graduation rates and more.—Listing of the top American research universities.—List of colleges that send the most students on to PhD programs in each field. - List of all-women’s colleges throughout the United States.—What Can I Do With This Major website hosted by the University of Tennessee connect majors to careers. Links and printable information is available from this site.

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