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Edmonds School District

Gap Year Program Websites—Dynamy Internship coordinates internship programs with over 240 organizations.—Thinking Beyond Borders takes 16 graduating seniors around the world for 8 months to study global development from social, political and economic perspectives.—AFS is a non-profit organization offering GAP year programs in 30 countries around the world.—Academic Programs International provides study abroad opportunities in France, Ireland and Spain.—A program based upon video, audio and digital photography, The Brown Ledge Gap Year Program trains students in documentary production while traveling to two unique American cities: New Orleans and Salt Lake City.—Carpe Diem International Education runs experiential programs focusing on volunteerism, cultural exchange, and language studies.—This service allows students to pursue one of over 5600 internships, volunteer positions, apprenticeships, or cultural study programs.—City Year brings young people together for a year of full-time service serving as tutors, mentors, and role models. City Year is a member of AmeriCorps.—The Council on International Education Exchange offers graduates to explore the world through a Gap Year study abroad. - an intensive immersion opportunity for a gap-year or a semester, Where There Be Dragons has a core curriculum developed around nine program components. Programs may vary in focus: trekking and wilderness intensive, service to the community or language-oriented.—Cultural Embrace assists individuals or groups plan itineraries with travel to Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Latin America.