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Edmonds School District

Vocational Programs


The VOICE Program (Vocational Opportunities In Community Experiences) is designed for students in the Lifeskills (Intensive Academic Support) Program who are 18-21 years of age and provides comprehensive instruction and vocational experiences to prepare students for adult life. Curriculum focuses on vocational training at community work experience sites, use of public transportation, self-advocacy, use of community recreation facilities, personal life management, and post-secondary educational opportunities. Students also receive assistance in career exploration, job search, job applications, and interviewing skills.

Work Experiences

The Work Experiences and Assessment Program provides vocational assessment and work experience opportunities for students enrolled in the Lifeskills (Intensive Academic Support) Program. Students receive individualized vocational evaluations that provide information for educational, vocational, and transition planning. Students are evaluated and observed by using hands-on tasks that assess attention, coordination, ability to follow verbal and written directions, response to supervision, and learning style. Students are then trained in work-related skills to prepare them for successful job placements in the community. Students experience real employment conditions where they can improve or learn positive work-related attitudes, skills, and behaviors.

Project SEARCH

Swedish Edmonds Project SEARCH is a competency-based program that addresses the vast unemployment differential for students with learning differences through student-directed internships throughout Swedish Edmonds Hospital in collaboration with the Edmonds School District and other community partners. Our program started in September of 2016 through collaborative efforts between Swedish Edmonds Hospital, DVR, DDA, Snohomish County, Work Opportunities, and The Edmonds School District.  We believe that all lives are enriched through meaningful employment.  We strive to teach each year's students to earn paid competitive employment in an integrated community business.  Our students seek to attain jobs that offer a minimum of 16 hours per week year-round that is competitive, integrated, and pays the prevailing local wage. We work to accomplish this goal through our immersive internships throughout the Swedish hospital community in conjunction with a curriculum that teaches students the benefits of health & wellness, functional budgeting & banking skills, appropriate use of technology, employability skills (how to find, apply, interview successfully, and keep a job), appropriate self-advocacy, soft skills in the workplace, social skills for the community, team building skills, workplace communication skills, and the importance of appropriate grooming & hygiene.  Our goal is for 100% of students to graduate with a job.