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Edmonds School District


What if my student has DIABETES? 


Staff assist student with blood sugar check

Please get in touch with your School Nurse ASAP. 
Who is my School Nurse?


The School Nurse will create a Health Plan specific for your student based on information you provide. This plan outlines what action staff must take to support your student’s diabetes management. It is distributed to staff that work with your student.

Washington State Law requires that students with a Life-Threatening Health Condition, including Diabetes, have treatment orders from a Licensed Healthcare Provider, supporting medications and supplies, and a Health Plan in place at school before they can attend. 


  1. MEDICAL HISTORY: Please fill out the Diabetes Care Information Form / Spanish

  2. RELEASE OF INFORMATION: Allows the School Nurse to communicate directly with your student's healthcare provider.

  3. ORDERS: Ask your student’s endocrinologist to provide a Diabetes Care Plan for the school. It will have orders in it and needs to be signed by a Parent/Guardian. Even if your student is completely self-sufficient in their diabetic care, they still need orders at school.

  4. MEDICATIONS: Insulin & Glucagon


    Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) supplies (ie: glucose tablets, juice, carbohydrate/protein snack, etc.)

    - Insulin administration equipment (ie: pen, needles, alcohol wipes, pump, lancing device and lancets, test strips)

    - Glucometer with back-up batteries

    - Ketone strips

Some families plan for their student to carry their supplies and medications with them. If this is the case for your student, the School Nurse will check with them to make sure they have everything. 


All Medications Must: 

  • Be in their original pharmacy labeled container. 
  • Match the order. 
  • Not be expired.



  • Intramuscular Glucagon can only be administered by a School Nurse or Paramedic. Nasal Glucagon can be administered by staff that have been trained by the School Nurse.
  • Students that require nursing support to check blood sugar and/or administer insulin will receive necessary assistance and care. Families of elementary-age students with diabetes may be interested in Consolidated Health Services offered at Chase Lake Elementary. 

If your student has a DIABETES, please get in touch with your School Nurse ASAP.Who is my School Nurse?