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Edmonds School District


What if my student has ASTHMA?


  1. MEDICAL HISTORY: Use this Asthma Information Form / Spanish for the first time  or the Asthma Annual Information Form / Spanish to update medical information. 

  2. MEDICATION & ORDERS: Ask your student’s Licensed Healthcare Provider to fill out this Authorization for Medication in School. 

  3. Please sign the form.

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Rescue Inhaler: will be stored in the health room or carried by the student. If the student “self-carries”, they will need to be checked-off by their School Nurse. If the student needs help using their rescue inhaler, delegated staff will be trained by the School Nurse as appropriate.


Daily Medication: (antihistamine, steroid inhaler, nebulizer treatment, etc.) should be taken at home whenever possible. We recommend having a “Three-Day Disaster Supply” of daily medications at school to be administered in case of lock-down. Please touch base with your School Nurse about overnight field trips / athletic trips / camps.


All Medications Must:

  • Be in the original pharmacy labeled container
  • Match the order
  • Not be expired


NOTE: Depending on the severity of the asthma and your student’s ability to manage symptoms and follow orders set up by their provider, the School Nurse may create and Health Plan for your student. This plan outlines what action staff must take to support your student’s asthma management. It is distributed to staff that work with your student. In some cases, this health plan and related medications must be in place at the school before your student can attend.

If your student has ASTHMA, please get in touch with your School Nurse ASAP. Who is my School Nurse?