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Edmonds School District

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Family Pre-K

Will the Family Pre-K classes be remote, in-person, or hybrid? We are currently offering in-person sessions only.

Can my child be in two pre-k classes (one morning and one afternoon)? You and your child may join in only one pre-k class. We would like to offer space to other eligible children and their guardians.

Is it alright if someone other than the child's parent accompanies them to Pre-K, such as a grandparent or a family friend? Yes, as long as the accompanying adult completes the district volunteer process.

May I sign up my 3 year-old child for the program? No, this program is specifically designed for children who will be entering kindergarten the following year. 

Is Family Pre-K a “co-op” preschool program? It is similar to a co-op in the sense that parents actively participate in class, but it is not a co-op. There are pre-k facilitators who are the teachers in class.

Will my child have to use the school bathroom all by themselves or may I accompany them? Adults are allowed to accompany their children to use the school's Health Room bathroom (but may not accompany them in the children's bathrooms).

Is it okay to apply in one of the pre-k locations that is not my neighborhood school? Yes, families have the option to choose their preferred location for pre-k but not when the child starts kindergarten as they must attend their neighborhood school.

Does my child need to be potty-trained to join the class? No, a child who is not yet potty-trained is welcome to join the class and be supported by their parent/guardian.

If classes are remote, do I need to have a computer for my child? If classes are remote, the district will lend Chromebooks for your child to use. These Chromebooks will be programmed with software specific to the pre-k class.  

What will my child learn in the program? Family Pre-K program focuses on the six developmental areas of literacy, language, match, cognitive, motor and social emotional skills. This is a kindergarten readiness program.

May I take my child’s younger brother or sister in class? We prefer that families prioritize the learning of their preschooler during this program. Therefore, we discourage families from attending with younger children.