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Edmonds School District

Multilingual Learners

Welcome Multilingual Learners!

ML classroom

The Edmonds School District's Multilingual Learner program provides services to over 3,500 students from many linguistic and cultural backgrounds, which are recognized as valuable resources for learning. Its mission is for English learners to meet or exceed state standards and develop English language proficiency in the domains of reading, writing, listening and speaking. 

We work towards the goals of our mission by delivering content-based instruction, sheltered instruction, supportive mainstream, in-class support, or a combination of these models approved by Washington's Transitional Bilingual Instructional Program to support emerging and progressing English Learners. We also provide additional monitoring and support for proficient, recently exited students and eligible Native American students under Title Ill. 

Eligibility for ML Services: 
All students registering at a school in the Edmonds School District will complete a Home Language Survey. If this survey indicates that the student's primary language is something other than English, or another language other than English is primarily spoken at home, the student will be assessed on the WIDA Screener. This initial assessment will be used to measure the English language proficiency level of new students whose first learned or understood language is a language other than English. 

Test Results:
Students scoring at the Entering, Emerging, Developing, Expanding level are eligible for ML program services.
Students scoring at Bridging or Reaching level are not eligible for ML program services.

Indian Education
Academically-at-risk Native American students may receive academic support under the ML Department/Title Ill.

All eligible Native American students with parent permission will take the WIDA Screener assessment, as well as the WIDA Annual assessment until they reach proficiency and exit from program.

We all smile in the same language