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Edmonds School District

Review, Change of Placement and Exit

Review and Change of Placement

The process for review and change of placement may be initiated by a parent, building team, building administrator, or program administrator for students not successful in the highly capable program based on classroom performance. Prior to any decision to change the student’s placement, parents will be notified and provided an opportunity to meet with the district administrator of the program and the building team to discuss the student’s performance and possible change of placement.

The Multi-Disciplinary Placement Committee (MPC) will convene a meeting to review the student’s profile to determine if student needs are best met with current gifted program services based on assessment data and classroom performance. The MPC may request additional evidence of student capabilities and/or willingness to participate in the program. If the committee determines that current gifted services are no longer appropriate to fit the student’s needs, it may be recommended that the students’ placement be changed. The parent will be notified in writing of the committee’s decision and of the appeal’s process.

Students Leaving the District

Any student placed in the program whose residence changes to outside the Edmonds School District boundaries after the first official day of the school year, may stay in the program for the remainder of the current school year, provided the student meets all the conditions required of all out of district transfer students as stipulated in the out of district transfer process. In subsequent years, students must meet all conditions required of out of district transfer students.

Exit Procedure  Parents may request that their student no longer take part in Highly Capable Program services. In this case, the parent will need to complete and return the Change of Placement or Exit Form to the Highly Capable Program Office located at 20420 68th Ave W., Lynnwood, WA 98036. The form will need to be received two weeks prior to withdrawal from the program. Any student that is exited from the highly capable program and then chooses to reenter in the future may need to complete the selection process again.


Highly Capable Program Specialist