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Edmonds School District

Appeals Process

Decisions of the Multidisciplinary Placement Committee (MPC) can be appealed only in the winter of the same school year in which the student was tested.

Appeals may only be made based upon one of the following conditions:
1. An extraordinary circumstance occurred during testing that may have negatively affected the validity of the test results (i.e., traumatic event or an illness preventing completion of the test).  (Note: The Highly Capable office must be notified immediately on the day of testing of the extraordinary circumstance).
2. A misapplication or miscalculation of the assessment data by the selection committee due to an incorrect birth date or grade level used in calculating the student’s score.

The following procedures are in place for an appeal:
1. An appeal form is available through the Highly Capable Program Office.
2. All completed appeal forms and supporting evidence must be submitted to the Highly Capable Program office by the specified appeals deadline. Outside cognitive testing or evaluations will not be accepted as supporting documentation for the appeals process.
3. The appeal will be initially reviewed by the Highly Capable Program office shortly after the appeals deadline. At that time, the Highly Capable Program office will render a decision either to deny the appeal or approve retesting of the student based on the evidence provided. A written summary of the initial review and decision will be sent to the person filing the appeal, and a copy of the summary will also be included in the student’s highly capable testing file.
4. Students retesting will have their results reviewed by the MPC within two weeks after close of the retesting window.
5. A written summary of MPC’s findings will be sent to the person filing the appeal within four days of the MPC’s decision, and a copy of the appeal and summary of findings will be included in the student's highly capable testing file.
6. The decision of the MPC on all appeals is final.
An appeal form can be received by contacting the K-12 Highly Capable Program Specialist.
Please mail, e-mail, or deliver the completed appeal form to the Highly Capable Program office at:
Edmonds School District Highly Capable Program 20420 68th Ave W Lynnwood WA 98036

K-12 Highly Capable Program Specialist  PHONE 425-431-7157