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Edmonds School District

Advanced Placement (AP)

Colocacion Avanzada



AP courses are college level classes offered in the high school and are intended to be equivalent to their college counterpart. At the freshman and sophomore levels, you may participate in honors courses which will prepare you for more challenging learning opportunities as a junior and senior. Advanced Placement courses follow a set curriculum taught at the college level. Colleges may award college credit based upon successful completion (as determined by the individual college or university) of Advanced Placement exams taken at the conclusion of the course. Students enrolled in AP courses have the opportunity to earn an Academic Honors Scholar Diploma. For information on courses and other requirements needed to earn an Academic Honors Scholar diploma, see your counselor.


AP Classes are offered at all Edmonds School District comprehensive high schools. If you are not certain which high school program is right for your student, please visit Students have the opportunity to earn the Academic Honors Diploma by taking Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses at their home high school. 


Each high school offers different AP courses so please check your school for specific offerings:

Edmonds-Woodway High School

Lynnwood High School

Meadowdale High School

Mountlake Terrace High School