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Highly Capable High School Options Presentation  Fall 2021

Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) Quick Facts


The Cognitive Abilities test is designed to help us evaluate how students understand and solve problems. The CogAT measures thinking skills developed in and out of school and how well a child can use these skills to solve verbal, quantitative, and nonverbal problems.
The VERBAL tests measure reasoning, making inferences and judgments, problem solving, oral vocabulary and verbal comprehension.

The QUANTITATIVE test measures abstract reasoning and math ability, (including relationships between objects, number concepts, and story problems.)

The NONVERBAL test measures general abstract reasoning. This includes seeing visual similarities and differences, drawing inferences, and applying rules to visual patterns.

The COMPOSITE Score gives an overall measure of a student’s thinking abilities, including all three of the above tests.

All students will take the test using their Chromebooks.

There are nine sub-tests with two restroom breaks built in. 

Test Levels and Number of Questions by Current Grade

Grade CogAT Test Level Number of Questions
Kindergarten Level 5/6 118
1st Grade Level 7 136
2nd Grade Level 8 154
3rd Grade Level 9 170
4th Grade Level 10 176
5th Grade Level 11 176
6th Grade Level 12 176
7th Grade Level 13/14 176
8th Grade Level 13/14 176


Sample Question Format by Level


CogAT Format