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Edmonds School District

Highly Capable & Gifted

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Is Your Student Highly Capable?

  • Are they exceptionally curious?
  • Do they come up with complex and abstract ideas?
  • Does your student learn new ideas without instruction or direction?
  • Do they ponder advanced questions with depth and from multiple perspectives?
  • Does your student learn exceptionally quickly?
  • Do they enjoy solving problems, especially with numbers and puzzles?
  • Do they have an unusually large vocabulary for their age?
  • Do they know how to read befor entering school?
  • Are they able to learn skills more quickly and with less practice?
  • Do they have a wide range of interests?

If you see most or all of these characteristics in your student, they may be Highly Capable!

How do I know if my student is a good candidate for the Highly Capable

The Highly Capable program serves some of the most highly capable students in the district. One way to explore if this program would be a good fit for your student is to discuss your student’s academic abilities and performance with their teacher.
It is the policy of the Edmonds School District to provide optimum learning opportunities for all students including those who are highly capable. The Highly Capable Program is intended to provide support for students identified as requiring services beyond the normal learning environment to be successful.
The Edmonds School District has a self-contained program for grades 1-8 for students identified as highly capable students.

How do I get a referral to have my student tested?

Referrals will be made available on the Highly Capable website beginning in June and remain through the referral deadline on October 31st. Referrals will also be available at all elementary and middle schools in the district, as well as some private schools in our district.

When is the referral period?

The referral period for the following school year's program is held each year from June through October 31st, and is open to all students in kindergarten through seventh grade residing in the Edmonds School District Boundary.

For more information, contact: 425-431-7157