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Edmonds School District

Highly Capable & Gifted

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Is Your Student Highly Capable?

  • Are they exceptionally curious?
  • Do they come up with complex and abstract ideas?
  • Does your student learn new ideas without instruction or direction?
  • Do they ponder advanced questions with depth and from multiple perspectives?
  • Does your student learn exceptionally quickly?
  • Do they enjoy solving problems, especially with numbers and puzzles?

If you see most or all of these characteristics in your student, they may be Highly Capable!

Student looking through a laboratory microscope

It is the policy of the Edmond's School District to provide optimum learning opportunities for all students including those who are gifted/highly capable. The Highly Capable Program is intended to provide support for students identified as requiring services beyond the normal learning environment to be successful. Highly capable students are identified following Washington State Administrative Code's Definition of Gifted Students; WAC 392-170-035 and WAC 392-170-036, School Board Policy 2190, and School Board Procedure 2190P.

The Edmonds School District provides a continuum of services K-12 for those identified as highly capable students.

K-12 Highly Capable Program Specialist 425-431-7157

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