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Move 60! Nutrition


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There are many ways to live a healthy life. Living a healthy lifestyle includes but is not limited to exercising, healthy eating, movement and activity, stress reduction, mental health awareness, and adequate sleep. Move 60, Verdant Health, Sound Dietitians, and Edmonds School District Food Service Department have been working together to promote healthy living by creating family friendly nutrition videos. There is a series of eight videos starting with "Let's Make A Parfait". Along with the videos there is a recipe handout for families to cook the delicious, healthy dishes at home. "Let's Make A Parfait" is video one in a series of eight videos. Enjoy!

Parfait Recipe    

Video 2: "Banana Pancakes"

Video 3: "Beet Salad"

Video 4: "Microwave Mug Breakfast"

Video 5: "How to Build a Smoothie"

Video 6: "Shish Kebab"

Video 7: "How to Eat the Rainbow"

Video 8: "Quick Pickling"