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Edmonds School District

Elementary Instrumental Music Program

General Information

The Instrumental Music Program is offered at all elementary schools in the Edmonds School District beginning in fifth grade. Classes meet twice a week for 45 minutes during the school day and are scheduled to minimize disruptions to the regular classroom.

Our curriculum is designed to provide students a two year skill-building experience from beginning through intermediate levels of performance on wind and string instruments. Participating students enjoy the personal and group satisfaction that playing an instrument brings and also benefit academically from the discipline and cognitive thinking skills developed through the arts.

Music is a vital part of a complete education. We hope you consider enrolling your student in the Edmonds Instrumental Music Program


  • Fifth grade students participate in first year (beginning) instrumental music.
  • Sixth grade students participate in second year instrumental music 
  • Students select only one instrument.
  • A year-long commitment is required from students participating in either first or second year music. Like anything else, success in music requires time and attention.

*Any exceptions require approval by the instrumental music teacher and/or the building administrator.

For more information contact your school.