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Edmonds School District

Art, Music, Theater

Welcome to the Visual and Performing Arts in Edmonds!

The Arts have a starring role in the Edmonds School District! Music, Theater and Visual Art are
all core parts of our district plan, providing students the opportunity to create, problem solve, and
work together in exciting ways. Both Washington state and Edmonds School District recognize
the arts as core academic subjects. For our students, creativity is limited only by their

The study of the arts prepares students for success in life. In addition to the aesthetic enrichment
inherent in performing or creating, arts education helps prepare students by enriching essential
21st  Century learning skills. Creativity, Innovation, Collaboration, Problem Solving, Critical
Thinking, and Global Awareness are all addressed and enhanced in our arts classrooms.
Welcome to the Edmonds Visual and Performing Arts community where educators, students, and
community members are all joining together to add value and meaning to our future. If you have
any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Scott Barnes
Manager of Visual and Performing Arts
Edmonds School District