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Edmonds School District

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Our Commitment to Actions that Align With  Our Mission

Our students are the reason behind everything we do. We prioritize students by creating a sense of belonging. Belonging is not just fitting in, but thriving in. We believe that education works best when every student can show up as exactly who they are, feel a sense of place and purpose, and have every opportunity for success in life. When students feel they belong, they can maximize their personal, creative, and academic potential to become lifelong learners and responsible world citizens.

We will ensure equity for each and every student by providing access, inclusion, and opportunity to experience belonging and academic success.

We will center the needs of students in our district strategic plan and our school improvement plans in a way that affirms our commitment to each and every student.

We will implement a continuum of instruction and support to ensure we meet each and every student where they are on their educational journey and set them up for success.

We will provide high-quality culturally affirming instruction and create spaces of belonging for each and every student.