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Edmonds School District

Superintendent Entry Plan

Superintendent Miner's Entry Plan Goals

  • Use defined questions to gain multiple perspectives on the Edmonds School District in a formal way.

  • Allow for deep and meaningful engagement with stakeholders.

  • Use the report and recommendations from this project to help realize the goals of our strategic plan.

If you have a recommendation for a group that Dr. Miner should seek feedback from, please use the link below to submit that information:

Recommend a Group

Phase 1: Pre-entry (February 15th- July 1st)

  • Refine the Entry Plan protocol
  • Create an entry plan schedule
  • Add potential groups to the schedule

Phase 2: Data Gathering (July 1st- October 30th)

  • Attend meetings throughout the district and community to gather data for the entry plan report
    • This will include meetings with every school and department in the district
    • Meetings with student groups
    • Facillitate "Meet the Superintendent" Forums, including at least one virtual option
      • A schedule of events is posted below on this page and will be updated regularly
      • The Entry Plan survey was closed on November 1st. It will open again for a few staff meetings on 11/15.
  • Meetings with community partner groups
  • Analyze data from exit interviews with recent graduates

Phase 3: Data Analysis (November 1st- November 30th)

  • Analyze data gathered and synthetize this into themes
  • Develop a written report to summarize the work completed and review the findings

Phase 4: Dissemination of the Report and Preliminary Recommendations (December 1- December 30)

  • Share the report with the School Board, staff and community
  • Use this data to move forward and build upon the successes of the district
  • Use this report to inform and shape our future and work to meet the goals of our Strategic Plan

Timeline for the 2023-2024 School year

  1. Pre-entry (February 15th-July 1st)

  2. Data Gathering (July 1st- October 30th)

  3. Data Analysis (November 1st- November 30th)

  4. Dissemination of the report and preliminary recommendations for consideration (December 1- December 30)

Entry Plan Event Schedule

Date Event
11/15/23 Westgate Elementary, Maplewood K8 & Meadowdale High School Staff Meetings