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Edmonds School District

Superintendent Bio

Dr. Rebecca Miner, Superintendent

Rebecca Miner

Rebecca was the Superintendent of the Shoreline School District for seven years. Prior to that, she spent three years at White Pass School District.

Rebecca recently supported districts as a Washington Association of School Administrators Lead for the Inclusionary Practices Project and also recently served as the Interim Assistant Superintendent for Teaching, Learning and Equity in the Evergreen School District.

She has served as an administrator overseeing Special Education services, an associate principal, a high school teacher of Language Arts, and a middle school Special Education and Spanish teacher.

Rebecca has mentored many aspiring and new career superintendents and has a passion for providing support to educators in all positions. She is committed to equitable outcomes for students and truly believes in education as a pathway to a lifetime of success.

Rebecca grew up in Vancouver, WA. She and her husband Timothy Buckley enjoy attending school events and the many amenities the area has to offer.