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Edmonds School District

School Board Goals

Annual Goals 2023−24

Based upon its review of the Strategic Plan and the results of the Edmonds School Board of Directors’ annual self-assessment of its performance, the board directors developed goals and a focused work plan for the 2023-24 school year. The plan is structured to support the district’s Strategic Plan goals and objectives and is organized using the WSSDA School Board Standards framework.

School Board Standards School Board Goals Strategic Plan goal and objective
Standard 1. Provide responsible school district governance. Annually establish budget priorities and regularly monitor the budget to ensure it is sustainable and aligned with the goals of the Strategic Plan. 
The Board, both individually and collectively, will consistently adhere to and annually self-assess the use of the agreed-upon best practices and leadership behaviors as identified in the Edmonds School District Board Operating Protocols and the WSSDA Board Standards.
Entire Strategic Plan
Standard 2. Set and communicate high expectations for student learning with clear goals and plans for meeting those expectations. 
Monitor progress toward increasing the overall percentage of students who are graduating on time to at least 94 percent by 2026 and make adjustments as needed. 

Monitor progress to ensure every kindergarten student is ready for grade 1 and make adjustments as needed. 

Monitor progress to ensure every student is at or above grade level in math and reading and make adjustments as needed. 
Goal 1 Objective 4

Goal 1 Objective 2
Goal 1 Objective 3 
Standard 3. Create conditions district-wide for student and staff success. Monitor steps taken to promote a physically and emotionally safe and inclusive learning environment that promotes a sense of belonging for every student and staff member. 

Monitor that equitable and culturally affirming practices for students, staff and families from diverse backgrounds (e.g., racial, cultural, linguistic, gender, socioeconomic) are consistently used across all district work.

Goal 1 Objective 1

Goal 2 Objective 1
Goal 3 Objective 2

Standard 4. Hold school district accountable for meeting student learning expectations. Set and align system expectations to Strategic Plan goals, oversee progress, and revise as needed. Entire Strategic Plan
Standard 5. Engage local 
community and represent the values and expectations they hold for their schools
Advance the district’s strategic priorities through family and community engagement and outreach, using timely accessible, and open to communication with all relevant stakeholders. Goal 3 Objective 1


Edmonds School District Strategic Plan

Edmonds Board of Directors Goals 2023-2024 (PDF)