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Edmonds School District

Process to Address Your Concerns

Despite our best efforts, there will be a time when something in the Edmonds School District doesn't work for you — a time when you question why something was done, or not done. When you find yourself in this situation, we ask that you work together with us by following the steps below in the process as established by our School Board.

Step 1: Discuss the issue with the teacher or guidance counselor at school, or the appropriate person in a department or program.

Step 2: Discuss the issue with the principal. If it is a school-wide concern, this becomes Step 1.

Step 3: Contact the Assistant Superintendents' Office.

Step 4: Contact the Superintendent's Office.

If you are unable to resolve the concern during any of the above steps, please request the person at that level to assist you in the process of moving to the next step. Board members may ask the Superintendent to discuss citizen concerns with the appropriate staff person. (Summary of District Policy, Complaints Concerning Staff or Programs.) 4220