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Edmonds School District

Participating in a Board Meeting

  • To request an interpreter for a board meeting, please contact Erin Verschoor ( or 425-431-7003) at least three days in advance of the meeting.

Making a public comment:

The public comment section of the board meeting agenda is an opportunity for citizens to address the School Board.  The purpose of public comments is for our stakeholders to communicate with the Board Directors about items on the meeting agenda or other specific work within the scope of the school district.

You may submit a public comment for a Board meeting in multiple different ways: (1) you may choose to read your comment aloud in person, (2) you may choose to submit your comment in writing. The Board reads all written comments and they are attached to the meeting agenda and available to the public on the Board Docs website.

In accordance with RCW 42.30.240, the board allows the opportunity for individuals to provide oral comment at a meeting remotely if oral comment from other members of the public will be accepted at the meeting. If you will have difficulty attending our meeting by reason of disability, limited mobility or any other reason that makes physical attendance at a meeting difficult, please call Erin Verschoor at (425)431-7003 or email by 3:00 p.m. on the day of the meeting. 

Those wishing to speak in person may sign up to do so at the board meeting. Those wishing to submit a written comment can do so by clicking on the link under the public comments section of the individual meeting agenda.

Public Attendance and Comment policies can be found under School Board Policy 1400- Meeting Conduct, Order of Business and Quorum

Suggestions for making an impactful public comment:

1. Those who wish to make a public comment in person will stand at the podium in front of the board members. Be sure to adjust the microphone so you can speak clearly into it.

2. Please state your name for the record, along with your district affiliation (For example, are you a student, staff member, community member etc.)

3. Be clear about the idea you wish to present.

4. Explain how your idea impacts the Edmonds School District.

5. Summarize what your desired action from the district would be.

6. Time your comment, as all speakers are given three minutes.