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Edmonds School District

School Board

School Board Overview

The Edmonds School District Board of Directors' follows the responsibilities laid out in the WSSDA (Washington State School Directors' Association) school board standards.

Currently, per the WSSDA school board standards:

School boards are the link between public schools and the communities they serve. As publicly elected officials and members of their local communities, school directors are uniquely positioned to:

  • Create a community-wide, shared vision and set goals for improving student achievement
  • Create the conditions and direct the resources for accelerating improvement
  • Hold the system accountable to high and equitable achievement for each and every student
  • Communicate the needs and progress of students to the community
  • Build public will to improve outcomes for all students and succeed in reaching the district's student achievement goals

For more information on these points, click here to read about the WSSDA School Board Standards.

School Board Norms and Protocols

Updates From the School Board

In this episode of Seattle Hall Pass, Christie and Jane bring you a conversation with the President of the Edmonds School Board, Nancy Katims, and the President of the Edmonds Teachers Union, Andi Nofziger-Meadows.