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Edmonds School District

Organizational Chart

2022-23 Organization Chart PDF


Edmonds School District Board of Directors: Carin Chase, Deborah Kilgore, Keith Smith, Gary Noble, Nancy Katims


Dr. Rebecca Miner, Interim Superintendent. Erin Verschor, Administrative Assistant, 425-431-7003.



Communications. Harmony Weinberg, Communications Manager. 425-431-7044.

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Superintendent's Cabinet

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Greg Schwab, Assistant Superintendent. Leslie Anderson, Administrative Assistant, 425-431-7094.
Schools Supervisor
Facilities Operations
Career and Technical Education
Dana Geaslen, Assistant Superintendent. Pam Peters, Adminstrative Assistant, 425-431-7047.
Schools Supervisor
Student Services
Lydia Sellie, Executive Director. Mary Davis, Adminstrative Assistant, 425-743-7079.
Business and Financial Services
Food and Nutrition Services
Capital Projects
Lisa Gonzalez, Executive Director. Sari White, Adminstrative Assistant, 425-431-7047.
Student Learning
Dr. Helen Joung, Assistant Superintendent. Kari McGie, Adminstrative Assistant, 425-431-7176.
Schools Supervisor
Continuous School Improvement K-12
Dr. Victor Vergara, Executive Director. Meghan Guillen, Administrative Assistant, 425-431-7224.
Schools Supervisor
Equity and Student Success
Multilingual Department


Dr. Rob Baumgartner, Assistant Superintendent. Victoria Alunni, Adminstrative Assistant, 425-431-7023.
Human Resources, Payroll & Benefits