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Interpretation & Translation

Our Team

Elizabeth Puga 
Hablo español             
Language Access Coordinator
Coordinadora de servicios de interpretación y traducción

Ben Sheppard

Ben Sheppard 
Hablo español
Spanish Interpreter/Translator
Intérprete / traductor en español

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All district parents and guardians have the right to participate in their student’s education, including communicating with teachers and staff. ESD will take reasonable steps to provide families competent oral interpretation of materials or information about any program, service, and activity and to facilitate any interaction with staff significant to a student's education. ESD will provide such service when it might be reasonably anticipated as necessary or upon request by families.

To change the language on our website, go to the top of the page and click on the word "English", located next to the small globe, then select your preferred language. 



What is Language Access?

Language access is any services and supports that address communication barriers between individuals who cannot yet speak, understand, read, or write effectively in a shared language. This way, everyone can get the information and help they need.

ESD uses the following services to meet the language needs of our community. These services are available at no cost!

  • In-Person and Video Interpretation - In-person and video interpreters are available in several languages. If you need an interpreter, please contact your child's school and ask for an interpreter in your preferred language. 
  • Phone Interpretation -  We have telephone interpreters available in over 200 languages using Language Link (instant telephonic interpretation services). Call any staff member and ask for an interpreter in your preferred language and they will connect you.
  • Document Translation - Vital documents are translated as needed and requested, subject to language population size and a few days’ notice. If you need a document translated, please contact your child's school. 
  • Ask for the Instant Language Assistant at your school - You will find this tool at every school,  it uses machine translation and supports over 100 languages.

If you have additional questions, or need help getting interpretation or translation, contact the Edmonds School District Language Access Coordinator at

Parent Rights to Language Access

Parents have the right to receive important information from schools in a language they can understand. Edmonds School District (ESD) must provide interpretation or translation services, when needed, to communicate with parents and families.


You can find more information about parent's rights to meaningful language access at the following links:

You can read the district's language access policy and procedure online by clicking on the links below. If you prefer a printed copy, you can ask for one in any school or at the district office. 

family language access plan Policy (4218)

family language access plan procedures (4218P)

Concerns and Complaints

If you have concerns about the school’s interpretation or translation services—or if you were not offered an interpreter or translation you needed—you have several options.

Talk with your principal or a school employee you are comfortable with. A discussion with your school principal is often the best first step to address your concerns. Explain what happened, and let the principal know what they can do to help resolve the problem.

Talk with your school district. You can also contact the Edmonds School District’s Civil Rights Compliance officer Rob Baumgartner at 425-431-7023 or to share your concerns.

Ask for help resolving your concerns. You can also contact the agencies below for more information about your rights or for assistance to resolve your concerns.

  • Equity and Civil Rights Office
    Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
    360-725-6162 |
  • Office of the Education Ombuds
    1-866-297-2597 |

JOIN Our Team of On-Call Interpreters!

  • Do you speak a language other than English fluently?
  • Do you have a few hours between 8:00 am and 7:00 pm?

Learn more about how to become an interpreter for the Edmonds School District

edmonds schools district staff

ESD staff should log into the Staff Workspace for language access guidelines and support.