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Edmonds School District

Frequently Requested Forms


Enrollment Section

If you are enrolling your child in the Edmonds School District and are unsure which school he/she should attend, please type in your address into the Neighborhood School Finder


Athletics Eligibility Forms - The same packet is used for all District athletics. High school and middle athletes complete the online form:

RankOne Sport Edmonds School DistrictConsent Form for Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Test
COVID-19 Disclosure & Release Form

Electronic eligibility forms are not available for K-8 and Special Olympics. Hard copies can be found on the Athletics Forms website.  


The Student Health Services - School Nurses section for paperwork/forms regarding specific conditions, medication and immunizations.
Student Health Services - School Nurses

School Change Application 

For more information regarding school change please visit School Change/Transfer

School Change/Choice Transfers

Choice Transfer Form (P-44)Students who reside in the Edmonds School District should use this form when asking to be released to attend school in a different district. Please fill out all areas of this form completely and legibly.

You may also complete the form online through the Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction:

Choice Transfer Request - OSPI

Intent to Homeschool

The Intent to Homeschool form must be submitted to when initiating homeschool and annually thereafter. 

School/ Student Forms 

Household Application for Free and Reduced Price Meals
Solicitud de Grupo Familiar para Recibir Comidas Gratuitas y de Precio Reducido

Parent/Guardian Informed Consent for Field Trip (P-103)
General information, medical information, and medical release are the components of this form, which should be completed and returned to school before all field trips. Consentimiento Informado de Padres/Tutores para Viajes de Excursiones

مدارس منطقة إدموندز
موافقة الآباء/ أولیاء الأمور على رحلة میدانیة

Private Transportation for School Activities (T-104) This form must be completed by individuals who are providing private transportation to children during a school-sponsored event. 

Do Not Release Directory Information (C-190) The District is allowed, and in some circumstances required by law, to release directory information unless parents/guardians or secondary students instruct us not to release this information. Directory information can include a student's name, photograph, address, telephone number, and other information. If you do not want student directory information released to the media, military, and/or higher education, complete the form and return it to the District.  No divulgar información de directorio (C-190)

Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Reporting Form

We also have the following translations available:  Arabic   Korean   Spanish   Ukranian    Vietnamese


Transcript/Diploma Requests  

Request for Distribution of Information to Students: Outside Group/Organization (A-63)
This form must be completed by nonprofits that would like to distribute fliers directly to students. Fliers must promote or contain information regarding an activity or event of possible educational, social, or recreational value or benefit to students in the district. 

Public Records Request Form

Standard Tort Claim Packet