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Edmonds School District

Edulog Parent Portal - Live Information

Live transportation information with Edulog Parent Portal app. 

Get the Edulog Parent Portal on your phone:

     On your iPhone or iPad

     On your android device

Configure Edulog Parent Portal and register your student information:

     Step-by-Step Installation and setup Guide - English

     Guía de instalación paso a paso - Español

Additional Information on Parent Portal

The Edulog Parent Portal is a self-service app that allows you to track your child’s assigned transportation from his or her school. Know what routes and vehicles have been assigned to your child, complete with planned pickup and drop off locations and times. Track in real time your child’s bus’s position. Know when to send your child to the bus stop to avoid waiting in bad weather. Configure notifications to alert you when your child’s bus is nearing pickup or drop off.

“Where is my child?” "Where's the bus?"

These are questions nearly every parent of a school bus rider will ask at some point. When you use the Edulog Parent Portal, you can get access to personalized information about your child and their bus ride to or from school. Because it links up with a GPS tracking system, parents can see info about the bus their child needs to catch, where it is, and what time they will be picked up.

Why Use the Edulog Parent Portal?

  • Accessibility - Essential student transportation info is put directly into parents’ hands.
  • Security - Parents access their children’s transportation information with a unique, safe and secure login.
  • Accuracy - Parents can be confident in the information they receive, because it’s coming from real-time tracking information sent from their child’s bus.
  • Alerts - The GPS tracking system lets parents know when their child’s bus enters customizable Alert Zones.
  • Automated Communication - Reduced phone calls to the transportation department. Information is delivered automatically to parents.
  • Messaging - Push notifications are used to keep parents informed about traffic delays or bus substitutions, etc.