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Edmonds School District

Windows and Mirrors Award

NOTE: The award title refers to the idea that students develop self-worth when they find elements of their own identity mirrored in the books they read and build empathy when they find windows into the identities and experiences of others. For more on this, see the FAQ section.

Our 2023 Nominees are listed below.  Students must have read at least two of the books to vote.  School totals should be submitted via this FORM by June 7, 2023

2022 - 2023 Windows and Mirrors Nominees

2023 W/M

2022 Winner


2021 - 2022 Windows and Mirrors Nominees

2021 Winner

Ghost Boys

2020 - 2021 Windows and Mirrors Nominees

2020 2021 Poster

2020 Winner


2019-2020 Windows and Mirrors Nominees

2020 Poster