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Edmonds School District

Digital Learning & Libraries

All students become productive citizens and life-long learners by using technology to access, synthesize, evaluate, and communicate relevant information. To maximize the learning potential of all students, all Edmonds teachers use technology to teach to the standards using effective practices that integrate technology, assess student performance, adjust instruction, and communicate student progress.    To meet this vision, we will:
  • Ensure equitable access to technology tools for all students and all staff.
  • Students in grades K-1 should have a 2:1 ratio of students per device.
  • Students in grades 2-12 should have a 1:1 ratio of students per device.*
  • Ensure all students have intentional instruction around basic technology skills and daily authentic use of technology as a learning tool.
  • Have all students using technology to communicate, collaborate, and create in engaging, relevant, and rigorous classrooms.
  • Ensure all teachers are using technology within the instructional program using effective practices.
  • Use technology to collect formative and summative assessment data that informs practice and allows students to exhibit higher order thinking and demonstrate knowledge.
  • Provide ongoing, job-embedded professional development for staff around effective practices for integrating technology into the instructional program.
  • Systematically and formally adopt technology tools and resources that align with and enhance core content curriculum adoptions.
 *The passage of the 2016 Technology Levy ensures that we reach this goal.  

Required Tech Skills for Student Success

Edmonds School District uses the highly recognized ISTE Standards for Students. These standards were updated in 2016 and address 4 critical areas:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Critical Thinking, Problem-solving and Decision-making
Of course, to begin, we expect students to master the basic tech standards of using a computer competently. We have created a scope and sequence for the basic technology skills students will need to be successful with the Common Core and Smarter Balanced Assessment. While students should meet these skill requirements for their grade level, the expectation is that they will extend these skills within classroom activities and instruction.

Request Form to Unblock Educational Websites

Sometimes our student Internet filter miscategorizes and blocks websites that benefit student learning. Students who find a site that may have been blocked in error, please review the site with a staff sponsor and have them fill out the Google Form at the link below. After completing the form, we will evaluate the site to make sure it fulfills an educational purpose and is safe for use in our system. Please note that filling out the form does not guarantee the site will be unblocked.

IM-140 Internet Site Review Request