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Edmonds School District


The Technology Department supports the staff and students at all facilities districtwide. With 33 schools and programs, this work falls into the following categories: network services, information systems, and IT support. 

The Technology Department also oversees the projects funded by the voter-approved Technology/Capital Levy. Working closely with the Digital Learning & Libraries Department, the levy will

  • replace existing levy-funded and other older classroom technology equipment as it ages;
  • replace existing 1:1 Chromebooks for all students grades PreK-12;
  • increase the curricular tools and online educational resources to schools;
  • support school-home connections with improved district/school/classroom websites; online access to student information, grades, and resources;
  • provide professional development in the form of on-site instructional technology coaches, as well as technology staff to support levy-funded projects;
  • upgrade infrastructure to meet our instructional needs; and
  • replace aging staff computers.

Please read more about voter-approved levies and bonds:

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