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Edmonds School District

Special Education Terms

Explanations of commonly used words and phrases in the special education program.


 Americans with Disabilities Act – Civil rights law that protects people with disabilities from discrimination.


 American Sign Language 




 Behavior Intervention Plan


 Deaf Blindness


 Developmental Delay


 Developmental Disabilities Administration – Public agency that offers various services to qualified individuals with disabilities.


 Deaf/Hard of Hearing


 Developmental Kindergarten


 Emotional Behavioral Disabilities 


 Edmonds School District #15


 Extended School Year Services – ESY is the special education and related services provided to students beyond the regular 180 day school year to maintain a student’s learned skills/behavior, not the teaching of new skills/behaviors. The IEP team decides whether or not the student requires ESY services and the location of these services.


 Free Appropriate Public Education – Legal requirement for school districts to provide free appropriate public education to qualified students with disabilities, regardless of disability.


 Individuals with Disabilities Education Act – Federal law ensuring services to children with disabilities. Governs how states and public agencies provide education to youth with disabilities.


 Individual Education Program – Personalized education program for students with disabilities.


 Individual Family Service Plan (0-3 yrs)


 Intensive Academic Support


 Intensive Social Emotional Support


 Least Restrictive Environment – Requirement to educate special needs children with children who are not disabled, to the extent appropriate.


 Learning Support


 Other Health Impaired


 Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction – Oversees public education in Washington state.


 Occupational Therapy


 Physical Therapy


 Specially Designed Instruction – Appropriate instructional adaptations that meet the needs of eligible students.


 Special Education Parent Teacher Student Association – Advocacy organization that promotes the improvement of health, welfare, and education of children. 


 Specific Learning Disability


 Speech, Language, and Hearing


 Speech Language Impairment


 Speech Language Pathologist


 Special Education


 Traumatic Brain Injury


 Visually Impaired


 Vocational Opportunities in Community Experiences (18-21 yrs)