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Edmonds School District

Speech, Language, and Hearing

This department provides support for students with speech, language, and hearing concerns (ages 3 to 21 years). Services are provided to students in a variety of ways, including but not limited to the following: individual, small group, in-class support, consultation with classroom and learning support teachers, problem-solving teams, and disability evaluation teams. SLPs and Audiologists also provide annual school-wide hearing screenings, check communication-related equipment (e.g., iPads, hearing aids, amplification devices, and other communication-related assistive technology), assist students in monitoring their own equipment, and provide support for classroom teachers. 

 Jo Callaghan, Director

For more information about Speech, Language, and Hearing Services contact:

Pauline Mallory

(425) 431-7208


If your child is not yet in kindergarten please contact Alderwood Early Childhood Center: