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Edmonds School District

Requesting Interpreter Services

It continues to be the intent and commitment of the District to provide communication access for our Deaf community. We want to have appropriate interpreters for our deaf students, employees, families and community when they are participating in activities sponsored by the District.

When you have an interpreting request, i.e. staff meetings, parent meetings, training's, assemblies, guest speakers, or activities sponsored by the District, please email your request to aslrequests


Please include the following information:

- Name of Requester
- Location/School Name, Address
- Start and Finish Times
- Room Number or Building (i.e. auditorium or gym)
- Contact Information: Phone including ext. Number and E-mail
- Name of Teacher Requesting Services
- Name of Parent Requesting Services
- Reason for Request
  (i.e. parent/teacher conference, teacher meetings, district activity, play, musical, sporting activities, field trips)




Madrona Student Interpreter Requests

Email Kaylee Yeakel  with your request, including the following information:

● Date

● Start & end time

● Does the class/event repeat? If so, how often and what is the end date?

● Room number

● Name of Deaf student(s) who will attend


What should I request an interpreter for?:

● After-school sports
● Before- and after-school enrichment classes (for example, Move60, Bricks4Kids, STEM Club)
● Special events such as BearScare, Primary/Intermediate/Middle School Night, Art Walk, and JumpRope for Heart

Please submit interpreter requests no later than 2 full school days before the event/class in question. Requests submitted on Friday afternoons will be reviewed on Monday mornings.