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Edmonds School District

Program Services

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Classes

The DHH Program is focused on literacy development and the acquisition of language (ASL and English). Core curriculum subjects paralleling the academics state guidelines are offered in the DHH class setting. These classes are instructed by teachers certified in Deaf Education and fluent in sign language. Paraeducators, also fluent in sign language, work side by side with the teachers in the DHH classroom. It is our intent to pair deaf and hearing staff in each classroom.


General Education Classes

General education classes are offered to DHH students based upon on their IEP needs and are designed to maximize interaction with hearing peers and all school personnel. To encourage natural communication opportunities, American Sign Language classes are offered to hearing students as an elective in the secondary settings, student sign language classes are offered after school, and family sign classes are offered to family, community, and staff in the evenings. DHH learning labs and teacher tutor classes are provided to all middle and high school students in need of support to ensure their success in the general education setting. 


Sign Language Interpreting

Educational interpreters facilitate communication in all academic and non-academic classes. Through interpreting services, students have equal access to all activities, information and materials, allowing them maximum interaction with all school personnel and hearing peers.


Audiological Services

The educational audiologist provides hearing tests, testing of hearing aids and minor repairs, ear mold impressions, and listening and speech reading training to students based on their IEPs. 


Counseling/Guidance Services

Our Deaf counselor works with individual students and groups experiencing social/emotional or behavioral difficulties. The counselor helps set up behavior programs and contracts for individual students and classes, and meets with the teachers regularly to discuss classroom concerns, student issues, programming and personal concerns. In addition, the counselor serves as a liaison between school, home and outside agencies as appropriate. The counselor also assists high school student’s in setting up their schedules, meeting graduation requirements, and transitioning into post-high school settings.


Educational Psychology Services

As DHH Psychologist is responsible for working with parents, staff, and other school districts to set up smooth transitions for new students entering the program. He also works with parents, staff and other school districts when questions about cognitive and academic functioning arise. The Psychologist also chairs the program's Multi-Disciplinary Team when formal reassessments are conducted or when questions about the appropriateness of a student's program arise. He also conducts intellectual, academic and social/emotional/behavioral assessments.


Speech and Language Therapy

The speech and language therapists fluent in sign language provide direct services to students through individual and group therapy sessions as well as collaborating with teachers to implement language IEP goals. Formal assessments are given and are used to project goals and objectives for each student’s IEP.


Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy

The therapists focus on motor skills and functional adaptations to maximize independence with the student’s school program. OT/PT services include assessments, consultative services and direct services to students. Most of our therapists have basic sign language skills and are able to communicate directly with the students. Interpreter services are available upon request.