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Edmonds School District

Secondary STI Lessons

STI Lessons

Based upon meetings with ESD staff, OSPI, and tribal representatives we are asked to teach the following topics:


7th Grade Level 1 Lessons:

·       Treaty and Territory Making

·       Hanford Nuclear Reservation Effects on Indian Country

·       Boldt II

·       Boarding School Lesson


8th Grade Level 1 Lessons:

·       Fighting for Independence and Framing the Constitution: Revolution and Constitution in Indian Country

·       Slavery, Expansion, and Removal: Jackson, Marshal, and Indian Removal

·       Civil War and Reconstruction: Native Americans in the Civil War

·       Indian Treaties: Goals and Effects


11th Grade Level 1 Lessons:

·       Our Foundation: Foundational Documents and the Boldt Decision (Boldt I and II)

·       Reform, Prosperity, and Depression:The Indian Reorganization Act

·       Entering a New Era: Indian Civil Rights and Self Determination


12th Grade Level 1 Lessons:

·       Human Rights-Constitutional Issues:  A Tribal Perspective

·       Environmental Issues: The Boldt Decision

·       Hanford Nuclear Reservation and Its Effects

·       Civic Action and the Economy: Nation–Building and Taxation