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Edmonds School District


Middle School Science Curriculum


The mission of science education in Edmonds is to develop scientifically literate, lifelong learners who have positive attitudes towards science. Students experience science as a core curriculum that is inquiry based so that they will be scientifically literate and apply the processes of science in their daily lives. The 7-8 science programs make use of inquiry-based, hand-on-investigative units designed by FOSS and/or STC. Science units are aligned with new Washington State Science Standards in three content areas: Physical, Life and Earth & Space Science and in the practice of scientific inquiry, systems thinking and application of science to solve problems.


In seventh grade, students experience the Big Ideas in science with an emphasis in Life Science and Environmental Systems:

  • Structures and Function of Organisms: From Cells to Organisms
  • Biological Evolution: Variation and Adaptation
  • Earth Systems, Structures, and Processes: Cycles in Earth Systems
  • Ecosystems: Flow of Energy through Ecosystems


In eighth grade, students continue their studies of the Big Ideas with an emphasis in Physical Science, Earth and Space Science and the flow of Energy throughout:

  • Force and Motion: Balanced and Unbalanced Forces
  • Properties and Change: Atoms and Molecule
  • Energy:  Transfer, Transformation, and Conservation: Interactions of Energy and Matter 
  • Energy:  Earth Systems, Structures, and Processes : Cycles in Earth Systems     


The newly revised state standards for Science can be downloaded here.


For more information on Middle School Science Curriculum, please contact Jennifer Hageman, K-12 Science Curriculum Coordinator, (425) 431-7196.