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Edmonds School District

Sexual Health and Disease Prevention

This school year we will be offering a “FLASH Parent/Guardian Review” video instead of our annual Parent Preview Night. This video will be on the Edmonds School District website all year long so parents/guardians can review the district’s expectations for teaching comprehensive sexual health education in grades 5-12.  


Scope and Sequence 


Sexual Education and Disease Prevention
FLASH: Sexual Education

Grade 5 Grade 6

Lesson 1: Unit Introduction
Lesson 2: Family
Lesson 4: Either:

  • Gender Roles, Gender Responsibilities (Rights, Respect, and Responsibility) OR
  • Red, A Crayon’s Story (Adapted from

Lesson 5: Both:

Lesson 7: Consent & Bystander Skills
Lesson 8: Reporting Sexual Abuse
Lesson 9: Reproductive System 
Lesson 11: Puberty 

Lesson 1: Unit Introduction
Lesson 3: Self-Esteem
Lesson 6: Decision Making
Lesson 10: Puberty (Review Lesson 9)
Lesson 12: Reproductive System (Review Lesson 11)
Lesson 13: Pregnancy
Lesson 14: Introduction to HIV
Lesson 15: Saying No 

King County FLASH Curriculum


Middle School Health High School Health

Curriculum Material

Curriculum Material

Parents can preview the FLASH lessons by obtaining a loaner login from Patty Schultz at