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Edmonds School District

Social Studies

High School Social Studies

Mission Statement

Our high school Social Studies program follows the Washington Essential Academic Learning Requirements (EALRs), which focus on Civics, Economics, Geography, History, and Social Studies Skills. The goal of our Social studies program is to create civic minded citizens who think critically and are able to navigate an information rich world. They craft opportunities for students to draw upon a depth of reading, writing, thinking, and research skills to make reliable conclusions about the world. This is accomplished through the teaching of these social studies skills through modeling, discussion and collaboration, and by utilizing historic, civic, economic, and geographic materials from multiple perspectives. In cultivating these skills, students will be active, lifelong and informed participants able to successfully navigate their local and global communities.

Social Studies and Graduation Requirements

Students in the Edmonds School District are required to take 3.5 Social Studies credits in order to graduate. This exceeds the Washington State requirement of 3.0 Social Studies credits, demonstrating our commitment to helping students become participants in their communities.

In order to graduate from any Washington State high school, students needs to earn the Washington State History credit.  Inline with OSPI’s recommendation, students in the Edmonds School District earn this credit by passing their first semester of 7th grade Social Studies. Students entering the Edmonds School District after first semester of their 7th grade year will need to either present a middle school transcript showing they have earned the Washington State History credit or take an eLearning Washington State History course during high school.

Social Studies Offerings

Traditional course pathway

Offered at all High Schools in the Edmonds School District
*select the link to see course descriptions.

Social Studies 9: Foundations of the Modern World
Social Studies 10: Modern World
Social Studies 11: United States History
Social Studies 12: Contemporary World Problems, Economics, and Civics

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

Offered eLearning, Lynnwood High School, Meadowdale High School, and Mountlake Terrace High School
*select the link to see course descriptions.

AP European History
AP World History
AP US History
AP US Government and Politics

International Baccalaureate (IB) Courses

Offered at Edmonds Woodway High School
*select the link to see course descriptions.

History of the Americas
Global Politics
Theory of Knowledge

Special Course Offerings

Offered at some schools in the district
*select the link to see course descriptions.

Social Studies 12: Ethnic Studies
10th Grade Humanities: AP Euro and English 10 Honors

Social Studies Pathways

Students in the Edmonds School District high schools have a variety of pathways, or course sequences, that they can follow as they grow through our high schools.  

Since Time Immemorial

Since Time Immemorial (STI) is a Washington State and Tribes of Washington co-created Native American curriculum. As of 2014, the Edmonds School District has been actively incorporating STI lessons and learning objectives into our curriculum.

In collaboration with OSPI and local Tribal Representatives, the Edmonds School District has mapped out STI specific units of study in grades 7, 8, 11, and 12. Further, Edmonds School District personnel are working with the Tulalip Tribes to create Tulalip specific lessons on boarding schools, land rights, and the Lushootseed language.

District Approved Resources

Approved Textbooks and Supplemental Resources please visit the above link for a list of Edmonds School District approved textbooks and supplemental resources.

Washington State Standards

The Edmonds School District Social Studies Department currently follows the Office of Superintendent Public Instruction (OSPI) suggested course content and standards at each grade level.  Follow the links below for a general overview of each course.

9th & 10th Grade Modern History
11th Grade US History
12th Grade Contemporary World Issues, Economics, and Civics

Social Studies and the Common Core

ESD Social Studies programs also implement the CCSS History Standards.
9th & 10th Grade Common Core Standards specific to History courses.
11th & 12th Grade Common Core Standards specific to History courses.

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