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Edmonds School District

Edmonds School District Math Flow Chart

Edmonds School District Math Flow Chart

All students must pass the state algebra or geometry end of course exam as a graduation requirement.

State Graduation Requirement: 3 math credits, including Algebra 2 or approved alternative.

Students have access to Honors and A.P. curriculum when advancing to the next course at any level.

Top of chart begins at Algebra 1, with a choice to advance to either Geometry or Honors Geometry. (Honors Geometry is only taught at Lynnwood High, Meadowdale High, and Mountlake Terrace High.

  1. From Geometry, advance to Algebra 2 or Financial Algebra.
    1. From Algebra 2, advance to Pre-Calculus, Advanced Quantitative Reasoning, A.P. Statistics, or Statistics (Edmonds Woodway High).
      1. From Pre-Calculus, A.P. Statistics, or Statistics (Edmonds Woodway High), advance to A.P. Calculus or Calculus (Meadowdale High only).
        1. From A.P. Calculus, advance to A.P. Calculus B.C.
      2. From Advanced Quantitative Reasoning, advance to Pre-Calculus.
  2. From Honors Geometry, advance to Honors Algebra 2.
    1. From Honors Algebra 2, advance to Honors Pre-Calculus, A.P. Statistics, I.B. Math Studies, or I.B. Pre-Calculus.  (Inter-Baccalaureate courses are only taught at Edmonds Woodway High)
      1. From Honors Pre-Calculus, advance to A.P. Calculus.
      2. From I.B. Pre-Calculus, advance to I.B. Math Standard Level.
        1. From I.B. Math Standard Level, advance to I.B. Math Higher Level or A.P. Statistics.