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Edmonds School District

Early Learning: PreK-3

Welcome to Edmonds School District's
Early Learning Program!


Research has firmly established that investing in early learning yields powerful benefits for children, both in early elementary and as a cornerstone to their overall educational success. Yet it is not enough to provide quality education for a year or two in a child’s early years. At Edmonds School District, our vision is for every child to experience a quality, cohesive and joyful learning experience from PreK through 3rd grade that will provide the strong foundation needed to succeed in school and life.

Our goal is to build connections and align teaching strategies in order to promote school readiness and increase student achievement. Along with our community partners, the district is involved with kindergarten transition and professional development programs.

Our Strategic Direction has a main focus on PreK-3rd Grade Early Learning:

Each student has a supportive, equitable educational foundation and is on track to be performing at grade level by third grade. We work closely with families and community partners to connect and align our schools with local resources to maximize early learning.

We offer different programs to meet the needs of young children and their families:

Alderwood Early Childhood Center

Alderwood Early Childhood Center (AECC) provides educational and other services for children with disabilities, ages 3, 4, and 5

Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program

Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP) is a preschool program that serves income-eligible children and families

Family Pre-K

Edmonds Family Pre-K is a program designed for children along with their guardian or caretaker