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Edmonds School District

Test Schedules

WA Comprehensive Assessment Program

State Test Schedules

Testing that would have normally taken place during Spring 2021 was postponed until Fall 2021. 
The result of this postponement is that there are two state test windows during the 2021-22 school year.   One in the fall, and one in the spring.  The spring test window will be a normal test window...students will be assessed at their 2021-22 school year grade level.  However testing in the fall will be a little different as described in more detail below. 


  • Students tested in the fall were tested at one grade level lower than this year's grade level.  So a student who is a 4th grader would have taken the 3rd grade tests.
  • So who exactly tested in the fall??   Students who were in grades 4-9 and 11 in the fall took the SBA ELA and Math tests; those in grades 6, 9, and 12 in the fall took the WCAS Science test as well.
  • The were shorter than usual.  For Fall 2021 testing, the state has reduced the length of the tests.
The following are the test windows for Spring 2022 state testing.  Exact test dates within these windows will be determined by each school in our district.

  • SBA ELA and Math (UPDATED Feb 18): Our district's test window is April 11-June 10
    • Grades 3-8 and 10 plus 11th and 12th grade if needed to meet their grad pathway requirement.
  • WCAS Science: April 11-June 3, 2022
    • Grades 5, 8, and 11
  • High School late start dates for SBA and WCAS testing (applies to EWH, LH, MDH, MTH, and SLH) will be May 23-27.  Check with your school as to which test will take place each day as that may vary from school to school.
  • WA-AIM (the alternative to SBA and WCAS for students with cognitive disabilities):  January 31-May 6.
  • WIDA (for English Learners grades K-12): January 31-March 25