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Edmonds School District

Test Scores in Family Access

The following illustrates how state test results may appear to you in Skyward Family Access.

There are two sections in Skyward Family Access that contain information pertaining to Test Scores:  The Test Scores tab and the Education Milestones tab.


If you click on the Test Scores tab in Skyward Family Access, you will see a list of your child's historical test scores.

Note that, if your child transferred to our district from another district in the state, tests taken in that other district may not appear on this screen.  We do, however, consistently post out-of -district high school scores, since those can be associated with graduation requirements.

The Test Date column gives you the general time period of your child's test.
As an example, June 1st is often used as the test date for spring Smarter Balanced test results.
Below is an example of the Test Score screen:

If you would like to view your child's test scores for a given test, click on the Show Scores link to the right of the test name.
When you do this, a screen will pop up and display the scores.
Smarter Balanced Assessments (SBA) and WCAS (Science) test scores appear under the test name of WCAP, once those scores are finalized. 
WCAP stands for Washington Comprehensive Assessment Program.
Scores not yet finalized (preliminary scores) appear under the test name of PRELM.

Once you have viewed the scores, click on the red X at the top right corner of the score box to close it.

Below is an example of a Grade 3-8 student's WCAP test score record.

Below is an example of a high school test score record.
Unlike the grade 3-8 score record, there are two columns to the right for high school.
One indicates whether your student met grade level standard on the test (passed the test at Level 3 or 4), the other indicates whether your student met the graduation requirement cut score (which is a lower cut score within the level 2 range).

For high school students who met the graduation requirement cut score or higher, you may also see a second record that shows the same score as the WCAP record, but the second record has a test name such as TELA (ELA score) or TSBM (Math score).  These codes were used for tests taken pre-pandemic.  Post-pandemic test results will primarily be found on the WCAP record.  Here's an example of a TELA score record:


For high school students, the Education Milestone screen records the completion OR waiver* of a variety of graduation requirements including (but not limited to) the Graduation Pathway requirement, the High School and Beyond plan, and the Washington State History course.

Some Education Milestones appear on transcripts but some do not.  For the classes of 2020 and beyond, individual ELA, Math, and Science milestones do not appear on transcripts.  If the student's Graduation Pathway has been completed, you should see a GPath milestone on this screen with a completion date.* That milestone does appear on transcripts.
Test scores themselves do not appear on transcripts.  Generally all you see on a transcript is whether a requirement is Earned or Met (or Not Met) or Waived.

* If a requirement was "Completed" there will be a date in the Completed column; if the requirement was Waived, there will be no Completed date but there will be a "Y" or "Yes" in the Waived? column.

Note: For Multilingual Learners, seeing a completion date for WA Seal of Biliteracy in Family Access Education Milestones, may only mean the student passed the World Language Proficiency test.  Unfortunately you can't really tell in Family Access just by a completion date as to whether the student actually earned the WA Seal of Biliteracy.  The Seal is earned by completing coursework in addition to passing the test.  You will need to check with your student's counselor or check your student's transcript to confirm their Biliteracy Seal status.

Below is a sample of the Education Milestone screen.
Note that the screen is divided according to the district site/location that posted the milestone (District office versus high school office versus middle school office).