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Edmonds School District

District Assessments

School-wide or district assessments are assessments that are given to all students in a grade level or subject, either at a school level or across the entire district. Decisions to give such assessments are made by grade-level groups of teachers in a school or from across the district, or by department groups of teachers at a school or from across the district.

These assessments are designed to:

  • Measure student progress on key learning targets.
  • Provide student work that can be collegially reviewed, scored, and linked to instructional implications.
  • Calibrate student learning across the school and/or district.
  • Supplement state assessment data for School Improvement Planning.
  • Identify students who might need more in-depth testing and/or special interventions.

Examples of school or district assessments include oral reading assessments, written comprehension assessments, math performance tasks, social studies research projects, writing assessments, and science investigations.

For information about school or district assessments given at your child's school, contact his/her teacher(s) and/or principal.