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Edmonds School District

Wellness Implementation

Wellness Policy Implementation Progress Survey
June 2018

Fitness, health, nutrition and overall wellness are strongly linked to student academic achievement and foster lifelong wellness for students, staff and families.

The Edmonds School District proudly reports that the Wellness Policy and Procedure created in April of 2014 are aggressively being implemented in all schools.

Evaluation of the District Wellness Policy and Procedures compliance indicated these key findings:

  • The majority of schools provide nutrition information to students through menus, signs and information in newsletters.
  • The use of food as a reward or incentive is rarely used. Alternatives to the use of food as a reward or incentive include extra recess time, eating lunch with the principal, stickers, pencils, books and verbal recognition.
  • Movement breaks are offered in most schools every two hours during the school day. Opportunities for physical activity outside the school day are provided through the District Move 60! program and after school clubs. Some schools encourage adult staff to participate and model physical activity through the annual Foundation for Edmonds School District Celebrate Schools 5K event.
  • Physical activities are not used as a punishment, however recess is withheld as a punishment in some schools. Recess is offered at the majority of schools twice per day and students are verbally encouraged to engage in moderate to vigorous physical activity during recess.
  • Students have at least 10 minutes to eat breakfast and 15 minutes to eat lunch separate from transit and wait times. Extra care is taken by school staff to make the dining area clean, orderly and inviting.
  • Most schools do not sell food as fundraisers and those that do are following the USDA Smart Snack regulations. 
  • All foods offered in the vending machines, student stores and a la carte lines in the high schools are Smart Snack compliant and all meals sold to students meet all federal, state and local standards.