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Edmonds School District

Conservation and Recycling

What is Resource Conservation?

  • A combination of resource management and reduced resource use (using what we need and not more.)
  • Supports long term sustainability and reduces present and future consumption.
  • Reduced consumption saves money and jobs.

The Edmonds School District has adopted conservation policy that support these tenets of wise resource use.

Simplified School Staff and Student Guidelines for conservation can help each of us use resources wisely.

Why is it important?

For our Students:

Conservation practices set good examples for students, and teaches them responsibility and accountability.

Conservation provides an opportunity to use the classroom as a laboratory with many practical applications.

For our Schools:

Being aware and using what we need and no more, enables all of us to take an active role in reducing utility costs, saving resources and having a positive impact on both the operations as well as the instructional budget.

For our Environment:

Each of us impacts our environment and the world around us each day. Our choices can model environmental stewardship, reducing some of the negative impacts on our only planetWasting resources contributes to climate change, water pollution, acid rain and more. Each of us can help reduce and prevent environmental damage with changed habits.