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Edmonds School District

Natural Leaders

What are Natural Leaders?

Natural Leaders

are multi-cultural families who want to learn more about the education system to support partnerships between families, community and schools.

They are leaders in their community that work as a team with family advocates, family support centers, and school staff to:

1. Build relationships with families
2. Listen to families ideas on how to help their children be successful in school
3. Bring families and schools together to plan/implement the families' ideas

Why are Natural Leaders Needed?

Research shows that academic success is related to the quality of instruction/learning environment, but an equally large part of the success is due to family engagement in their children’s education.

Many schools have difficulty building relationships with families that are people of color, English language learners, immigrants, and/or refugees.

Natural Leaders are able to speak their language, understand their culture and past experiences, and provide warm, welcoming arms to their school communities.

Please watch this site for more info on training, program development and networking.

If you are interested in knowing more about becoming a Natural Leader at your school, contact