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Edmonds School District

Family Survey

Edmonds School District Family Survey

THANK YOU! 2022 Family Survey - 44% response rate from families!

The survey focuses on four main areas
  • Family Knowledge and Confidence
  • Welcoming and Culturally Responsive School Climate
  • School Engagement Practices
  • School Communication Practices

We also collect feedback from those who access our translation/interpretation services. Background information is collected to look at the questions above and to see that we go representative survey results.

What is it?

Our Family Survey allows us to continuously collect information from the schools in our district as part of the continuing effort to understand our district families and their experience(s) with us as a district. The responses from this survey allow us to help create better relationships between the families, our teachers, principles and other families. All responses collected are voluntary and anonymous. 

Here is a chart showing the response rate for Edmonds School District's family survey increasing from 11% in 2017 to 48% in 2019. In 2022 all schools and programs participated in the survey and we had 44% response rate. 

Our Process 

The Edmonds School district used the amazing work of the Road Map project to create its own culturally responsive data collection process. This process has evolved into a two-year cycle for schools in the Edmonds School District. 

All 34 schools have been divided into two cohorts. One cohort completes a culturally responsive data collection process with the district's Family Survey while the other cohorts complete 2-3 focus groups on topics relating to the Family Survey results of the prior year. 

This process follows a "Cycle of Inquiry" model that allows schools to look deeper into their Family Engagement practices and provides another way to collect family voice. The data gathered during these processes are used to build School Improvement Plans. 

Learn more about the Road Map project here:

District Summary Data

Family Survey results

Above is a link to the public data display of both the spring, 2019 and spring 2022 family surveys.

Data is organized into six categories:

  • Family Knowledge and Confidence
  • Welcoming and Culturally Responsive School Climate
  • School Engagement Practices 
  • School Communication Practices
  • Translated Communication
  • Background Information

District Contacts 

Alison Shawver
Manager of Assessment, Research, and Evaluation

Dr. Sally Guzmán, MNPL, Ed.D.
Family and Community Engagement Coordinator