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Edmonds School District

Family and Community Engagement


Family and Community Engagement

The Edmonds School District is works to create systemic supports in our system to allow for family engagement at all levels of our system. Our teams work both at the district level and building level to support our families and increase student academic success.

What is Family Engagement?

"Family Engagement" refers to school/family partnerships. It is the collaborative interaction between educators and families in activities that promote student learning and positive child and youth development at home, in school, and in the community, including but not limited to:

  • Regular, two-way and meaningful communication between parents and school personnel
  • Outreach to our diverse families;
  • Parent education
  • Staff professional development
  • Volunteering
  • Families participating in school decision making
  • Promoting advocacy for students and Families

Family Engagement is a shared responsibility which is continuous from Pre-Kindergarten through grade 12 and reinforces learning that takes place in all settings.

Formal reports

2018 Draft Family Engagement Action Plan
2017-2018 Family Support Report
2018-2019 Family Support Report 
2019 Student Support Advocate Report 
2019-2020 Family Resource Advocate data overview
2020  Student Support Advocate data overview

Meet the Team

Dr. Sally Guzmán

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Family and Community Engagement Coordinator

Family Engagement Liaisons

Marie Samy

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Martha Lake Elementary
Lynnwood Elementary

Gloria Sepulveda

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Chase Lake Community School
Westgate Elementary

Family Resource Advocates

Emma Yuh Colman
Woodway Center/ Alderwood ECC / ECEAP

Bertha Carbajal
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Beverly Elementary / Lynndale Elementary

Angela Garrido
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Cedar Valley Community School
425-431- 2169

Belen Robasti 
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Cedar Way Elementary

Carmen Ziranda
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College Place Elementary
425-431- 2420

Samantha Bircher (On leave until 6/23/23)

Kari Betzold (Leave replacement until 6/23/23)
Spruce Elementary
425-431- 2797

Molly Rhodes
Oak Heights Elementary

Maria Garcia
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Edmonds eLearning
(425) 431-7128

Reita Johnston
Lynnwood High School
(425) 431-5322

Maddie Small
Alderwood Middle School
(425) 431-4057

April Henson
Mountlake Terrace High School 
(425) 431-5077

Kara Andersen
Brier Terrace Middle School
(425) 431- 4182

(Currently hiring - last updated 1/24/23)
Meadowdale High School 
(425) 431-6512

Janice Blackmore
Meadowdale Middle School
(425) 431-4305

Ester Eligio
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Edmonds-Woodway High School
(425) 431-6228

Chauntelle Buckingham  (On leave until 6/23/23)

(Currently hiring leave replacement - last update 1/24/23)
College Place Middle School
(425) 431-4261

Charis McConnel
Scriber Lake High School 
(425) 431-5898

Family and Community