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Edmonds School District

Foster Care Information

In accordance with RCW 28a.225.330 is State legislation passed this year to support children and youth in Foster Care. This law applies to all students in or awaiting Foster Care.The intent of this law is to ensure Foster Care children and youth enroll and succeed in school. Students in Foster Care and awaiting Foster Care are entitled to additional support. Students in Foster Care and awaiting Foster Care have a right to:
  • Get help with enrolling in school from the district liaison or other school contact to continue academic success;
  • Continue in the district/school they attended (referred to as the district/school of origin) before they before they entered/or while awaiting Foster Care or the school they last attended, if that is the Foster parent’s choice and is feasible;
  • Get transportation to and from the school of origin;
  • Receive additional services such as ELL, Special Education, Title 1, preschool, Quest (gifted), career/technical education.

How does your student enroll for services? Currently all DSHS case mangers work with the district McKinney Vento/ Foster Care Liaison to setup and and all students needs.

McKinney Vento/Foster Care Liaison